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Meeting/ Events Planning

Elevate Your Event Planning Process

Unburden yourself from the exhaustive task of venue research, contact, and evaluation. We take the lead in sending RFPs, tracking responses, liaising with hotels, and overseeing the entire site selection procedure. Whether it's a grand association event or an intimate corporate function, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to aligning your event with the perfect venue that offers maximum value based on your unique requirements.

Global Reach at Your Fingertips

Operating in over 60 countries worldwide, the Silverback Team boasts an extensive global network. No matter where you envision your event, we're equipped to ensure its success.

Unparalleled Knowledge Base

Our exclusive database is a treasure trove of up-to-the-minute property insights, rate histories, and valuable client experiences. With contributions from over 1,400 Associates worldwide, our insights surpass any other industry player.

Preferred Rates, Unmatched Benefits

Harnessing our substantial purchasing power, we unlock exclusive rates, availability, and promotions. Regardless of your event's size, the collective buying prowess of our clientele guarantees you unbeatable pricing and concessions.

Industry Relationships that Matter

With more hotel and destination partnerships than any competitor, Silverback Team is your gateway to top-notch options, including renowned hotel chains and independent gems, both locally and globally.

Empowering Your Event with Expert Solutions

As the meeting landscape evolves, Silverback Team emerges as your partner in overcoming challenges. Our collective expertise and purchasing influence grant us unprecedented access to hotels, venues, and technologies. From hybrid to virtual solutions, we bring insights and concessions to the table, ensuring your event's triumph.

Our Streamlined Process: Your Success Unveiled


  • Research event history
  • Define objectives, budget, and needs
  • Leverage proprietary resources for venue selection
  • Identify exclusive Silverback offers


  • Create tailored RFPs based on priorities
  • Organize comprehensive hotel data
  • Scrutinize venue offers


  • Engage in strategic negotiations
  • Suggest cost-saving and risk-reduction strategies
  • Arrange site visits


  • Aid in finalizing venue choice
  • Communicate decisions to venues
  • Assess event execution

Comprehensive Event Management

Silverback Team goes beyond site selection, offering end-to-end event management via our subsidiary, ResourceOne. From housing and registration to logistics and equipment sourcing, our seasoned professionals orchestrate impeccable events every time.

Cruise into Excellence

Experience the future of event hosting with Silverback Team's Cruise Services. Leveraging our industry clout, we secure exclusive amenities and optimal deposit schedules. Modern cruise ships offer versatile spaces for conferences and events, backed by exceptional audio/visual facilities and seamless entertainment.

Unlock a world of unparalleled meetings solutions with The Silverback Team. Experience expertise, exclusivity, and excellence in every event. Connect with us today to redefine your meeting experiences.