Tavia Chow M.A.Sc. B.A.Sc., Dipl.GIS

Head of Data Analytics & Integration

With over 13 years of consulting experience in a consulting environment, Tavia’s skills span various domains, making her a versatile asset to the team. Her specialized knowledge in user-interface design, advanced data analytics, and engineering services equips the team with a strong foundation for problem-solving and innovative solutions. Tavia’s academic background, including a Diploma of Excellence in GIS from the University of Waterloo, further enhances her capabilities in spatial analysis and geo-spatial database design.

Her proficiency in UI/UX design, data management, web application development, and spatial analytical processes enhances the team’s capacity to handle complex projects with precision. Tavia’s specialized expertise encompasses spatial analytics, predictive modeling, and the development of interactive dashboards and web-based applications, providing the team with tools to create user-friendly and data-driven software solutions. Her ability to bridge the gap between GIS fundamentals and application development is particularly valuable, enabling the team to leverage spatial data for enhanced functionality and user experience.

As the Data Integration and Analytics Specialist, Tavia will apply her expertise in handling extensive datasets, performing data analytics, and ensuring seamless integration of data within the mobile app. Tavia’s proficiency in data validation, synthesis, and spatial data analytics would be invaluable in optimizing the app’s functionality and enhancing user experience through effective data management and insights.