Vinoth Sugunan, BSc

Technical Advisor

Vinoth Sugunan is a multifaceted Chief Software Architect with significant experience in full-stack development and project management. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, where he specialized in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Communication and Networks, Operating Systems, and Data Mining, among others. His programming prowess spans across Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Prolog, and HTML.

His professional journey includes a noteworthy tenure at NanoArk as a Software Engineer, where he led several efficiency improvements and developed various utilities for optimal system performance. Vinoth’s key achievements include the creation of a simplified language for non-programmers, the development of an online repository for a digital library, and managing large scale digitization of physical files.

Possessing skills in database management with Mongo and SQL, and expertise in IDEs like Emacs, Eclipse, and Sublime Text, Vinoth expertly juggles between technical depth and team management. He is also well-versed in Tomcat server management and has general knowledge of stock and options from business seminars. His unique blend of strategic thinking, technical skills, and managerial acumen makes him an accomplished leader in the software development industry